Going West

Going West I first lived in California as a nineteen-year old filled with visions of Jack Kerouac, Raymond Chandler, Carlos Santana and the Grateful Dead. From Vermont I was pulled west to the crashing waves of the Pacific in search of romance, freedom and a college education at San Francisco State. I was hooked on … Continue reading Going West

New Portraits

Lugging camera equipment up steep stairs past the enormous clock tower of Baker Library, we emerged on to a narrow balcony with expansive views of Dartmouth College.  Perfect for a portrait…  Blue dusk is falling as we arrive at Craftsbury Ski Center, the temperature is 13 degrees and the snow-making guns are revving up and … Continue reading New Portraits

Paddling Vermont

I grew up with a green wood and canvas Old Town canoe bought by our Dad in the mid Sixties.  In the Fifties, our dad spent several summers doing extended canoe trips with Camp Kapitachouane in Quebec.  My brother and I would paddle his canoe around waterways in Vermont. In the summer of 1987, following … Continue reading Paddling Vermont